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February 21, 2010


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Vaneet Wadhawan

In other words, your job description is Joe, the Pinata PM. You get hammered all over by both engineering and marketing.

Nupur Thakur

You are right Shreyas. There are analogous reasons why Product Management should not report into the engineering team either.

I once did a research among peers in other companies on where does product management report into.

The conclusion: The decision about where Product Management reports really depends on the personalities and skill set of the people among various organizations...

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Marketing is too important to be left to marketing people! Ouch! That hurts! But that is the reality of the future for sure.

records management

This is hilarious but you have to admit to rules apply to every business, it's always the new guy that those all the work and the management can do what it does best- manage other people :)

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