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September 28, 2008


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It's all about what you can do /during/ the service encounter. That's what leads to upsell/cross-sells, or subscriptions for that matter

Passionate PM

It seems to be a great strategy to make loosing customers feel "special" -- way to go!


Pawel Brodzinski

Triple-tap key code as well as 1-800-SOMETHING numbers work well unless your client/user has a phone with QWERTY keyboard. Then, they utterly suck.

With more and more smartphones this is not a way to go.


Interesting experience.. But raises a doubt:
Are we not incenting our customers to return goods if we keep this as a regular offer? If I have time, you may buy a product that you don't like, come back the next day, and get 20% off on the product that you actually wanted to buy! :-)


Also, regarding the Tatango example, isn't that the same as issuing numeric codes instead of alphanumeric ones

Shreyas Doshi

@Amit - they could prevent the attack vector you describe by offering this promotion at most once for each credit card number. Not sure if they do, but there are definitely easy ways of increasing the pain for perpetrating abuse. Now you could go out and get several credit cards or use your friends' credit cards, but I doubt most people do that. For the outliers that do, well thats the cost of doing business (and hopefully absorbed by revenue from the 99% of the people who are not outliers).

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